When to Hire Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial pest control is an essential part of quality control for companies. Infestations can make employees disgruntled and detract from the overall atmosphere of the business. As the owner of the property, you need to take action immediately if pests plague your business. Pests can also damage your brand and deter potential customers. Consider the following tips for a commercial pest control service to avoid these problems. Listed below are some of the most common types of infestations.

Bed bugs

Whether you’re a restaurant owner or an apartment manager, commercial pest control services for bed bugs can provide a safe, effective solution to the problem. These companies offer services that range from prevention to full-scale treatment. You can request a free full property inspection online or call a hotline to discuss your pest problem. If you’re concerned that bedbugs have already infested your building, you can ask for a free quote and speak to a certified entomologist.


If you have an infestation of fleas, you should seek professional assistance from a commercial pest control service. A professional will evaluate your situation and develop a treatment plan based on your needs and circumstances. Treatments can involve heat or chemical methods. The chemical methods usually involve a residual flea control product and kill both adult fleas and larvae. In addition to killing adult fleas, they will also kill any new larvae that hatch after initial treatment.


It’s essential to understand what attracts flies to a property before hiring a commercial pest control service for them. While filth can include anything from general mess to decaying flesh from unknown animals, some types of flies are more interested in certain food items and places. Fruit flies, for example, will be attracted to ripe fruit and decaying vegetation, and drain flies will be drawn to standing water and discarded vegetable matter. Earthworm burrows will also attract cluster flies.


Termites are among the most damaging insects and can affect a business’s operations. While structural wood is not a common cause of termite damage, wood structures are still susceptible to the damage caused by these pests. Since commercial buildings contain wood, no installation is free of the threat of termites. If you suspect a termite infestation in your building, you should immediately contact a professional pest control company.


If you’re in the business of owning property, you’ve probably been plagued by rat infestations. The Centers for Disease Control lists 35 diseases that rats spread. Fortunately, you can prevent the influx of rats by practicing good hygiene. You can also protect your business from the dangers of rats by protecting food sources. Rats love to enter human structures for food and water, and keeping these areas sanitized will discourage them.


Commercial pest control services will use traps and poison to eliminate mice. Some commercial pest control companies offer environmentally friendly options to clients concerned about the environmental impact. Professionals trained in eradicating mice will offer tips on preventing mouse infestations and keeping them at bay. Mice damage is not only costly but can also affect personal belongings. That’s why getting help from a company you can trust is essential.

Termite control

Termites can damage buildings and cause significant property damage. While they can’t chew through wood, they consume cabinets, furniture, and even cardboard boxes. Termite damage in your home can be spotted by looking for wood pellets and mud tubes. If you suspect that your home is infested with termites, you should schedule a pest inspection with a termite control commercial pest control service as soon as possible.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a holistic pest control approach that uses chemical and non-chemical methods. Using a combination of both methods reduces exposure to harmful chemicals and minimizes pest damage while maximizing the economic value of the program. This treatment applies to all environments, from agricultural to non-agricultural ones. The strategies involved include judicious use of pesticides and other control measures.

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