Tree Surgery Risk Assessment Services

Businesses offering tree surgery services need to be able to carry out risk assessments for their projects. Health and safety software from RAMs make it easy and intuitive to assess every stage of your project, from pre-checks to the use of each tool that needs to be employed. The software allows you to input site details, hazards, and any additional information that might be required for the project. You can also add a logo to create branded risk assessments and method statements.

Create Risk Assessments Quickly

The RAMs App makes it possible to create, send, and store a tree surgery risk assessment in minutes. By selecting your trade in the app, you can ensure that all content is specific to the work that you carry out. You have the ability to quickly fill out key information such as the hazard group, category, and activity, as well as the persons at risk. Our extensive library of pre-written risk assessments makes it simple to choose the applicable hazards for each site or project, with the ability to edit our content or input your own. Risk assessments are completely customisable and easy to fill out. Just take the steps to outline your work, tick the boxes that apply to your project, and add any additional information, images, or content that might be relevant.

Benefit from a Range of Features

Completed tree surgeon risk assessments can be branded with your company logo, downloaded, or emailed straight from the system to send them to the right people and store them in the right places. They can easily be reviewed and edited, and you have the ability to create your own library and duplicate anything that you want to use again. The archive allows you to store any risk assessments that you no longer need but that you don’t want to delete completely.

Template Library

Tree surgeons can easily find templates to help them get started with their risk assessments. Simply search the RAMs App library to find forms and records that make the process of creating risk assessments smooth and fast. The app can be used on desktop computers and laptops and is also available on mobile devices. This means that risk assessments can be created out in the field if necessary. There’s also the option to print your forms and fill them out by hand.

Whether you are an independent tree surgeon or you have a team of arborists available to deploy to different jobs, RAMs App helps you to manage your risk assessments. You have complete control of risk assessments and all of the information that you need to share with your staff. In fact, the app has a library of “toolbox talks”, covering a range of subjects to ensure your workers have all of the essential knowledge to carry out their work safely.

Manage Risks with Customised Data

Adjust the RAMs App to meet your needs as a tree surgery business. You can input vibration and noise levels for your handheld tools and equipment, from chainsaws to stump grinders. Use manufacturer data or testing information to input the relevant numbers and calculate exposure levels using a points-based system, which is recommended by the Health and Safety Executive. A simple colour-coded traffic-light system helps you to determine how long you or your employees should be using a tool and what type of ear protection should be used is determined too.

Small Business and Multi-User Accounts

You can get started with tree surgery risk assessment services from RAMs App by signing up for a monthly or annual plan. With the single user/small business package, you benefit from a range of features from RAMs, plus additional features from our Health and Safety Consultancy be Accredited, such as email updates and policies and documents. The multi-user plan allows for multiple users in groups and teams to sign in individually, with a company admin account that offers full control over all users. Send documents for approval so that they can be reviewed and signed electronically, view document revision history (and who has made changes) and download previous versions too.

Choose RAMs App for Easy Tree Surgery Risk Assessment

Tree surgeons and tree surgery businesses can make risk assessments a breeze with the right software. When you choose RAMs App for your risk assessment services, risk assessments become easier than ever. Book a demo or take a look at the available plans to find out more about the options available for your tree surgery business.

So, if you would like to be able to produce professional risk assessment software and other health and safety documentation complete with your own company logo why not take a look at the excellent packages on offer at RAMs App?

With reasonable rates and an excellent service offering you all the help and information you need it could be the perfect way to help improve your businesses working practises.  For further information visit the RAMs App Risk Assessment website and let us help you manage your Risk assessment process.

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