Transforming Your Tired uPVC Windows & Doors Without Replacing Them

For windows and doors in your home, uPVC is an excellent option as it is affordable and comes in a wide assortment of colours. However, one drawback to using this material for your windows and doors is that the colour will fade after a couple of years of exposure to the elements. They can work perfectly, but their faded colour makes them look tired and drab. Rather than replacing the windows and doors unnecessarily, you can consider painting them to bring them back to life, and below are more details of how the process works.

Clearing The Units

When you have a company doing the uPVC spraying of your windows and doors, they will first clear everything away to have easy access to the units on which they are working. They will also prepare the area using drop cloths, so they do not make a mess when working on your windows and doors, and once that is complete, they move on to cleaning.

Cleaning The Units

Once they have cleared everything from around the window or door they are working on; the next step is to clean it thoroughly. The workers will need to remove any dirt, dust, and grease from the window frames to ensure that the paint will stick to it correctly and have a smooth finish. If they do not do this correctly, you can find lumps and bumps in the paintwork when it is dry, which can be noticeable and look unsightly. Once that is complete, they need to move on with the preparation to get ready to start painting.

Preparing The Surface

For the paint to adhere to the uPVC surface, they will need to roughen the surface of the frames to get the paint to stick. Once they have treated the entire surface of the frame they are working on, they will either remove or tape off the handles and cover the glass panes, so they do not get covered in paint. When this task is complete, they are ready to apply the first coat of paint and transform the way the frames look, making them look new again.

Starting To Paint

The company will then start the painting process, and it will take a couple of coats of paint to get a high-end finish for your windows and doors. Most companies will apply three coats of paint to get the best finish possible for the frames, and they will quality control this once it is dry to ensure it is an excellent finish. Once finished, the company will start moving onto the next frame to paint that, and before long, your windows and doors will look like new, and it will transform the way your home looks on the outside.

The Benefits Of Spraying Your Windows & Doors

There are many benefits to painting your windows and doors rather than replacing them, and a significant one is its cost. The cost of spraying your windows and doors can be between 20-30% on the cost of replacing them, so it is much cheaper. It is also quick and easy and will take a professional company less than two hours to do each frame, so your entire home can be complete within a couple of days. It is also not an intrusive job, and the workers only need access to the exterior of your home and do not need to come inside

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