Tips For Choosing The Right Wood Floor Installer

One of the essential changes you can make in your home is to improve what’s under your feet. Whether you’re replacing broken floorboards, drafty ones, or updating tattered lino, installing a new floor can increase the value of your home and give it life. Jobs like these need specific experience and skills. Just as it’s essential to find wood floors at junkershardwood.com, you need to find the right installer for your project.

This article highlights some key things you should know before hiring a fitter to install your floor for you.

  1. Experience

If you compare floor installation with other home improvement projects like rewiring a house’s electric system or constructing an extension, it’s a low impact job. However, its simplicity doesn’t mean it lacks intricacies and specialization. Therefore, you shouldn’t overlook floor installation when hiring a floor installer. Instead, you should find one who has a good reputation for installing floors.

Installers can handle different jobs. Some focus on wood floor installation, while others can do a range of flooring jobs, including laminate, carpeting, wood floors, and vinyl flooring. Some general builders can also do flooring jobs like laying carpets or vinyl. Just like any job, you need to hire a person who has specific knowledge of your project. A committed floor installer is an ideal person to hire for your flooring project because he can deal with any issues that may arise and answer the queries you have

It’s essential to look for recommendations for the right installer. You can do this in several ways, including reading site reviews, getting recommendations from friends and relatives, and going through the portfolio of fitters in their social media accounts. Good fitters will be willing to link you with their previous clients who’ll give you their recommendations. It’s also important to know how long someone has been doing the fitting business. Those who’ve been doing the business for a long time have more experience.

  1. Qualifications

After getting your preferred installer, don’t be afraid to ask them about their qualifications and how they’ll handle your project. During your interview, ask them if they belong to any accredited trade associations and schemes. Tradesmen who install floors can be in various organizations, including CFA (The Contract Flooring Association) and NICF (The National Institute of Carpet and Floor layers).

If an installer belongs to these bodies, it may be a good indication that he’s competent and has subscribed to specific standards. However, some experienced installers may not belong to these bodies because it’s not a legal requirement for all installers to sign up for these organizations. However, they should meet other standards, such as the NVQs. Sometimes even using your gut to assess an installer’s experience may help you get the right one.

  1. Comfortability

You may find installers who have the best experience and qualifications, but if you’re not comfortable having them work for you, your project may stall. Therefore, it’s essential to gauge how comfortable you can be with them by contacting them, monitoring how polite they are on the phone, and how early they arrive for meetings. If the installer ticks all these boxes, you can trust him with your work.

The Bottom-line

Though flooring jobs may seem simple to accomplish, they need an expert to give them a classic look. That’s why you need to take your time to look at the experience and qualifications of the fitter you intend to hire.

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