Things To Consider Before Building a Timber Deck

backyard timber deck

A timber deck is a great addition to your back yard or garden but before you start planning out the build, there is a lot that you will first need to consider. It is always a smart idea to have the deck built by a professional, unless of course you are a high level DIYer or you work in the trade. Let’s take a look at everything you will have to think about before you get started with the construction of your timber decking.

Location Of The Decking

There are a couple of things that you will have to factor in when you consider the location of the decking. Your first thoughts should be around the structural integrity of the deck, that is why you need to find the most even surface that you can. Adjustments can always be made to the deck to keep it even if the surface isn’t, but why add extra work when you don’t need to?

Additionally you should look to place your timber deck in an area that is well lit by the sun. Enjoying the deck is not great when you are sitting in the shade all day.

Material For The Deck

In terms of choosing the material for you deck this will come down to the longevity you are after, the price you are willing to pay and the characteristics that you need for timber. When it comes to a timber deck Melbourne residents have a far greater choice of materials than, say, those who live in dry areas that are affected by bushfire. Consider what the elements generally throw at your property before you buy your material. There are many options that are fire resistant and that are best if you have a high population of insects in your back garden.

Using The Deck

When it comes down to the shape and the size of the deck, it is important that you think about how you plan to use it, and who will be using it. If you and your partner are simply looking for a spot to sunbathe and read a book, a smaller deck may be called for. Alternatively if you plan to eat outside on the timber deck or invite guests over, you may need to get a little more creative with the shape and the size of the deck.

Maintenance Plan

Even before the deck has been built you should be thinking about how you plan to maintain the decking. If you have not had a deck before then there will be lots to learn about how best to protect the deck, what you should use to stain it and what other materials such as a tarpaulin cover you may need in order to keep the deck looking its best.

This is going to be a really exciting addition to your property that will enable you to enjoy the outer areas of your home more and that is even going to add a little bit of value to the house. Plan well and make sure that you get the build right the first time.

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