Six Benefits of Rockwool Insulation

The insulation in your home isn’t something you are likely to think about often. It is best if you never see it or think of it at all. There is no seat of your pants way to know if it’s working either. How could, you know from day to day, how a different product would perform in the same situation? Fortunately, there are ways to test these things so you can know ahead of time and then forget about it. In tests, Rockwool insulation has been shown to be a highly efficient product that is eco-friendly too. If you are considering building a home or commercial building. Rockwool products should be on the top of your list for insulation. And not just because Rockwool will save you money on energy costs. Here is a look at a few more benefits.

1.       Highly Efficient: Rockwool is, quite simply, an excellent insulator. It even has an R value greater than fibreglass. This is because Rockwool being a mineral, it has good thermal efficiency.

2.       Natural: Rockwool is essentially basalt and chalk superheated and then spun like cotton candy. This creates the durable fibres that act as a barrier between hot and cold. Because the components are widely available, natural minerals, rockwool is a more ethical choice for new construction.

3.       Fire Protection: In the best possible situation, your insulation also acts as fire protection. This is the case with rockwool. Rocks are usually quite fire resistant, and so is Rockwool. Check out https://stonewoolthai.com/products/ฉนวนกันความร้อนหลังคา for rockwool supplies.

4.       Does Not Trap Moisture: One of the problems that a homeowner can encounter is dampness in their insulation. Especially in humid environments, but it can happen with bad installation and the wrong materials. Rockwool transmits water vapour away from itself, and in this way, it can help you avoid problems with rot and mould.

5.       Easy to Install: Rockwool is a very agreeable product to install. It can quite often be purchased in rolls of convenient width and whatever thickness that you feel is right for the application. It is light and tends to stay where it’s put with only minor bracing. It is also springy enough that it resists compressing over time.

6.       Long Lasting: Another great benefit of Rockwool is that it is long lasting, so you will not have to check on it from time to time. It will stay where it needs to be and do its job decade after decade.

Rockwool has many benefits and so it is the right product for most residential and commercial applications. It even functions as a good acoustic blanket, insulating you from outside noises, while you sit in your climate-controlled home, saving money on energy costs.

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