How to Make the Best use of Self Storage

If you are like most people, you have much more stuff than you need. The longer we live, the more we accumulate. Our various stages of life bring different demands, and we often don’t know what to do with items we value but rarely use. The easy answer is to rent a self-storage locker and put your belongings where they are safe—but you can access them when you need to. If you are considering self-storage, here are some tips to make the most of the space.

  • Get Organised: Before you take all your stuff to the storage site, have a good look at your possessions and decide which items must stay home, which ones you are not sure about, and which ones you will not need for a very long time. Put your things in clean containers or boxes and make suitable labels as to what is inside. After you have packed the items that will be in storage for a long time, you will have a good idea about what size locker you will need.
  • Get a Big Enough Locker: Many people try to save a little money by getting a small locker and then cramming it full. The problem with this approach is that inevitably things get damaged. Also, this makes it hard to find or get something out, and you will have no space for anything more in the future. It is not difficult to find cheap self-storage in Melbourne. Getting a locker that is a little larger than you think you need will make that locker so much more convenient, and your possessions will be safer from being crushed.
  • Don’t Stack: It is remarkable that sometimes people pay for a locker but do not store items in a way that protects them. It is best to use a little common sense when putting things away. Heavy items should be on the bottom. If you must stack items, try to use some shelving, or support and use stackable boxes whenever possible. And you should avoid using trash bags too. They provide no support, are hard to label, and they usually get ripped.
  • Mind the Perishables. Don’t store liquids if you can, and never food. Also, make sure to check all your items and boxes for things that might rot or decompose in some way.

Self-Storage is a very inexpensive way to increase your storage space and protect your valuables over time. It is much cheaper to rent a locker than to build an extension to your house.

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