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In the modern home living environment, it is increasingly popular to integrate the interior and exterior spaces of a property, especially during the summer months or when the weather allows. Many homeowners are choosing to replace an outer wall normally at the rear of their home with a set of sliding glazed panels called bifolding doors. This easily installed system creates an indoor/outdoor space ideal for socialising, entertaining or just living with a healthy increase of natural light and fresh air. This superb home improvement option adds wealth to any property and is available in a wealth of design and manufacturing choices. Let’s investigate the properties of bifolding doors, what they are made from, and the benefits they can bring to any family home.

The Bifolding System

Bifolds doors consist of any number of equally sized glazed panels; the doors sit on a track and, when unlocked, slide to one side, folding into one another and are secured together on the far wall. To enable family members to exit when the doors are in the locked position, one glazed panel serves as a normally functioning door referred to as the travel door. Constructed in several materials and finished in a range of different effects and colours, they are aesthetically pleasing in any property. It is wrongly assumed that replacing a solid wall with glazed panels will decrease security, but multiple locking points and modern locking systems mean this is not the case.

The Design Choices

Bifolding doors are traditionally manufactured in Upvc, Aluminium, Composite and Timber, each with their own characteristics. Cost, choice of finish, thermal efficiency, and maintenance are all issues for consideration. The materials differ in the following ways –

  • Timber – is an incredibly popular choice due to its aesthetic and insulating qualities.
  • Upvc – previously the cheapest option, but rising prices have affected costs; limited finishes mean fewer choices in the design process.
  • Aluminium – superbly strong frames made from aluminium are durable and thermally excellent, powder coating finishes mean any coloured finish is available, it is though expensive.
  • Composite – offers the best of both timber and aluminium but is the most expensive option; low maintenance and high thermal efficiency mean it is a premium product.

Although normally installed as an external boundary, they are an option to consider when planning an internal refurbishment, and they lend themselves easily to separating a large room or conservatory.

The Benefits of Bifolding Doors

The wealth of different styles, configuration types, and finishes means they are a wonderful choice in modern and traditional homes, enhancing any property and changing the way you use internal and external spaces. The flexible and easy to install design means their popularity is on the increase as families choose to redesign their living area; the ability to quickly open up the interior of a home in good weather creates an indoor/outdoor space perfect for barbeques or just relaxing in the sunlight. They are installed with finger-safe and anti-bump features that prevent any accident if small children are visiting.

I hope this short piece has opened up the possibilities of bifolding doors in your home; a new, improved light, airy living space is just around the corner; find your local installer of bifolding doors today!

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