5 Strategies For Updating Your House Decor

Within the last years black and chrome materials and minimalism will be in fashion with regards to interior decor.

It may work ideal for some, however i think most welcome the brand new (old!) fashion.

The house is our living room. Individual is really a collector, and also, since we travel more we collect from your travels in our very own country or abroad. And the very best of all, now it`s popular to combine styles! Mix products from Asia or Africa with western products and you’ve got the right match!

1. Mix styles, materials and patterns

2. Wallpaper has returned! Mix large patterns and plain wallpaper. The wallpaper motives will also be back. Use plain wallpaper on two walls and wallpaper motif around the third. Provides a great effect towards the room.

3. Porcelain figurines, remember them?! Ask your mom or grandmother should they have some to spare or go to a second hands store.

4. Eliminate items you don`t use. Hands it to the Salvation Army and you’ve got done charitable organization simultaneously!

5. The ethnical materials and patterns are within full strength! Combine different cushions, don`t hesitate to make use of strong colors in order to mix the colours. You should use certainly one of each different color and pattern inside your sofa, or you place two single colored cushions and add another color to spice up.

Place mirrors having a photo of all your family members inside your hall or family room.

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