5 Great Sources of Lighting Renovation Inspiration

Renovating your home isn’t just about restructuring the space to capitalise on its functionality. It’s also about reimagining how the space itself could be utilised and what it could be. When it comes to reinventing your space, one element that plays a pivotal role in the look and feel of the space is lighting. Renovation projects can be a journey of discovery, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the right inspiration. From reading home décor magazines through to visiting lighting stores in Melbourne, this article will go over five great sources of inspiration for your lighting renovation.

Lighting Stores in Melbourne

There’s no shortage of renowned lighting stores in Melbourne, but not all are made equally. When looking at different lighting stores in Melbourne, be sure to stick with the leading names and brands. These stores will not only provide exquisite light fixtures, but the staff will also be able to assist you by recommending creative ways to incorporate them into your home without blowing your budget.

Visit Designer Showrooms

If you prefer an up-close and personal experience, visiting designer showrooms can be a fantastic source of renovation inspiration. Showrooms allow you to witness how different light fixtures interact with various elements of a space and how different shapes, sizes and styles of lights can alter the mood and feel of a room. You’ll also be able to see how other fixtures, accessories and materials look and feel with your preferred lighting style.

Home Décor Magazines

Home decor magazines are an evergreen source of inspiration for renovation projects. They’re jam-packed with stunning imagery, design trends and practical tips for home improvement. You might find a piece on the importance of layering light or an article highlighting the latest trends in light fixtures. Home decor magazines are also a great way to find new and innovative lighting ideas you may not have seen before.

Home Décor Expos

Home décor expos serve as a platform where the latest trends and innovations in home improvement are showcased. You can discover a variety of new, energy-efficient light fixtures and smart lighting systems, which can be a significant upgrade for your renovation project. These events are also a great place to meet and interact with experts in the field who can provide invaluable advice tailored to the needs of your renovation.

Get Ideas from Buildings

While it might sound obvious, exploring different buildings, such as historic buildings and architectural wonders, can provide a unique brand of renovation inspiration. These places often feature innovative interior designs that can spark brilliant ideas for your own space. Visiting a beautifully lit-up historic building, a modern museum or even a charming café can help you appreciate how effectively lighting can enhance a space.


While finding the right renovation inspiration can be difficult, you can take a lot of the stress out of the process by using the spaces around you. By visiting lighting stores in Melbourne, going to showrooms and home decor expos and keeping an eye out whenever you find yourself inside a stunning building, you can give your renovation the creative spark it’s been missing.

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